Professional Videography Tools: Our Equipment

Videography equipment is very important at Nak Productions, not only because it is the foundation for all that we do, but because we know that you only have one chance to capture a moment. Reliable videography equipment is vital in allowing us to take your long story and make it short!

We make sure we use reliable, quality equipment that is adaptable enough for any situation and allows us the flexibility for creative direction with our mobile production services. Below is a list of our tried and true equipment. Other cameras and equipment are rented as needed based on what will be best suited to capture your event or project. We hope this list will help you understand the type of quality results you can expect with Nak Productions.

Canon xa20

Canon Vixia HF R30 HD Camera (1920x1080) - Less is more. This tiny camera is powerful! It is less intimidating during interviews and gives us great mobility when shooting events.

Sony VX2000 SD Handycam - Great image quality and performs well in low-light venues. We use this camera mainly when streaming live.


Audio Technica lapel mics -  Perfect for interviews or corporate video shoots. We always mic our interviews, but the onboard camera mic is great for capturing quality ambient noise.

Full 3 Point Light Kit - Allows us to achieve key, fill and backlighting at our shoots, which creates studio quality lighting no matter what the setting. We can create a studio inside your office with our mobile kit and end up with a final product that you won’t be able to believe is for you!

Green Screen - 90% of our testimonials, interviews and commericals are shot using this. It allows us to add a creative backdrop to your video or create a clean and professional look when shooting in a difficult location.

Full bed scanner - We can scan your business cards and photos that aren't digital yet. Allows us to Include high-resolution pictures or logos in your video.

22” TV HD TV - This is used on-site during interviews so that you can see how things look and the footage we’ve captured. Crisp image display for accuracy in detail during our post-production and editing phase.

Mac and PC - Some guys are PC. Some are MAC. I am both. Why? Because I want no limits. We are able to handle any situation or format you need to work with.

Steadicam - Never leave home without it. Allows for a smooth shot even when there is uneven terrain or lots of movement.

Manfrotto Tripod - Another item to never leave home without! Creates more fluid panning, image quality, and allows for more precise framing.

Other Professional Videography Tools: Our Software

Additionally, our software selection utilizes only the industry best and includes Final Cut X, Avid Studio, Toast, Motion, Smart Converter Pro and VeeScope for live green screening. 

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