Production Services

When the big day of the video shoot comes along we are ready! Our pre-production planning allows us to come fully prepared. From our planning session we know exactly what we need to bring to capture in order to deliver a quality video production.

We arrive early to set up our gear (will link to gear page) and allow time to fine-tune our plan if there are any unexpected changes. Capturing your video footage begins on-time and we keep things flowing according to plan. The cameras, mics, locations, special shots, who is to be interviewed; it’s all accounted for. We know where to be, we know what you want.

Some benefits you can expect:

  • Light analysis and studio light set-up
  • Portable live on-site studio
  • Portable green screen studio
  • Shoot day organization & management
  • Supportive direction for interviews

Take a look at the next step in our video services: Post-Production

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