Non-Profit Video Production

The aim for non-profit videos is to deliver a strong and powerful message! There is a passion behind your cause and it’s our job to capture the passion behind that message. In sharing your message with others you share your vision for a better world. When people are in tune with your message they are inspired to further your reach and help you change the lives of the people or cause that you stand for.

We take a long story and make it short so that you can spend your time working for your cause.

Here are just a few non-profit video concepts available through NAK Productions:

Mission statements
Inspirational videos
Testimonial videos
Event highlights
Charity events
Employee training video
Live streaming

You may be looking for volunteers, recruiting new employees to help further your reach or looking for generous donors to help make an impact. Take advantage of a captive audience by using video to express all  the reasons why you are passionate about your non-profit cause. Share a vision, share a story, share the reason you love what you do. We will work with you from start to finish to send a beautiful message consistent with the drive behind your cause.

We also offer event technology services for your corporate events!

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