Event Video Production

Shooting an event is a little trickier than your standard on-site video shoot. There’s only one chance to capture your perfect moments! We love what we do and it is our responsibility to worry about capturing all the right moments. Who needs to be the focus? When will the bride and groom arrive? We know where to be and what you want. Leave the details to us. Your job is to sit back, try to relax and enjoy your big event.

Here are just a few events ideas for coverage available through NAK Productions:

Wedding video
Photo montage video
Funeral video
Bar Mitzvah & Bat Mitzvah video
Event highlights
Event promotionals
“In Memory of” video
Baptism & Communion video
Sporting event coverage
Event Openers
Legacy video
Live streaming!

Our careful selection of gear allows room for the unexpected without compromising the flexibility of creative direction. When Nak Productions takes on an event video project we will come through. Careful planning is important, but we account for the fact that things can change during an event that are unpredictable. Rain or shine, small production or large, whether your event is going perfectly according to plan or there are a few unexpected surprises along the way, Nak Productions will come prepared. We make sure we use reliable, quality equipment (will link to equipment page) that is adaptable enough to account for whatever change in conditions your event may take because we have a NAK for production!

We also offer event technology services for your events!

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