Setting up the shot


We all take photos and videos with our phones these days. Most come out rather well and others need to learn how to frame.



In my 20+ years of video productions, nothing has changes but the quality and technology. How I set up my stuff is all the same. I start with the content of what they are speaking about. 



  1. I see the shot with my eyes first. Everything from the angle, framing, shadow, etc.
  2. I then position the camera right there and look through the finder. I usually can get my shot within a few minutes if I’m shooting an interview. It’s all about the view finder. And shooting 23.97 frames. This gives me an easy rack focus.
  3. Rack Focus: is when the foreground is in focus and the background isn’t.
  4. Then I sit someone down for more positioning. It’s really critical of the background.


When I’m outdoor, I use the sun to my advantage and let it light the background. I use my own lights to light the subject.