Story Telling


Something about me, just loves to hear peoples story’s. I have one, you have one.


Whenever I approach someone’s story, I have to get spend some time with them first. I need to develop a sincere relationship so that I’m not drilling them on their life or their business.


This gets us both comfortable and fills me in on what shots to get. Some shots need to be out of focus, some need to be moving, some need to be established.


It’s not scripted, just my art ability.


This takes careful listening, in order to know how to take the viewer on the same journey I am on.


In editing, its about reflection and processing for the viewer. That way I can let the take their own journey with the story.


It’s about symbolism, emotions, escape, answers, trials, risk taking, surviving, faithfulness, loyalty, integrity, perseverance. It’s about the events in ones journey that change us.