Voice Over


Voice what?


What is voice over? It should actually be called voice under, because its under the video. In my opinion? The most powerful element to any video. When someone is speaking underneath a video clip, their voice leads the viewer on the journey to relay the message in a much more powerful level.


This is either done in a sound booth or taken from an interview.


You will notice it in an introduction and at the conclusion inviting the viewer to the website, phone number, social media.


As viewers we engage more when we are being lead. A talking head can start it out, but when voice over is laid to share the content, you are guiding the viewers on a journey. Viewers want to be guided. They want to be taken by the hand and have their problem fixed in that brief moment of time.


At NAK I use On Hold Productions for my voice over. They edit my scripts so they are voice over ready.


What is Voice over ready? It’s a script that is conversational with the listening ear. No bullet points.


Voice over is critical, it must be done by an actor, someone who can get into character, who can be empathetic, curious, inviting, inspiring, gentle, compassionate.


I usually have them do a spot in 3 different ways.  I want a lot to work with. Again this leads the video.


This makes the video look professional.