So what is Pre-Production? It’s getting ready for production. We don’t just show up and starting shooting without a plan.


Some Projects are small and don’t need as much and some are good size and need a lot of attention.


This is like planning for a campout


This is when you take your developed idea where you got your cost and budget and funding and start planning out from beginning to middle, to end all the aspects of the film/video/whatever your making. Animation, music, each frame, titles, voice over, casting, wardrobe, locations, set design, everything.


Why is this important?


I always think of editing and what my software can and cannot do. What my animators, set designers, music composers, voice over talent. I plan according to how I want that.


I have to plan for my production. This takes from the story layout helps me figure out where I want to shoot, and how long I’ll be there, what will be involved and how long this will take.


I like to be over prepared. At least I try to be.


I then begin contacting my crew.


Casting if needed



Audio guys.


Camera guys,


Hair and make up


Lighting guys


Set Design




And list can go on.


Depending on the product that clients purchase, depends on how elaborate things get.


This all prepares for Post-Production.