My Drones


Whats going on with the drones these days?  What are these things anyway?


Basically a drone is small flying machine that can be flown at full size aircraft level.



I picked up my first drone last summer in order to shoot an arial view of Integrity Tree trimming my cherub tree.


It’s by DJI Phantom 1. It has a gropro attachment but no gimble so when flying along the horizon, my shot is slanted.


So I finally got this thing to fly and quickly release how much practice you need.


This summer I upgraded to the Phantom 2 Vision Plus with gimble, app, and camera.


I now can see what my camera is giving me as well as my altitude, speed, and distance.




  1. Calibration every time. What is calibration?
    1. These need to connect via gps to the satellites so that you they know where you the operator are at.
    2. My App tells me if it needs to be calibrated and it tells me when its ready to fly, and if I’m in a no fly zone. It also states that it’s established my current spot of standing.
  2. Know my aircraft, by default has a limit to 350 feet. After that were in full size air craft space.  And in my opinion they have right away. I have to be aware of where this thing is at all times.
  3. The drone itself powers the 1080P HD camera it comes with and it allows me to tilt up and down while in the up in the air.
  4. If it loses connection (buildings, mountains, etc) it will indicate that to me and my screen states its coming back home.
  5. Batteries
    1. The drone itself comes with one battery that lasts 15 minutes.
    2. The controller is charged via usb as is the Wifi extender.
    3. I always make sure everything’s charged or else, the drone will refuse to take off or will immediately come back home.

What do you I used it for?

            Well I don’t by anything I can’t make money with.

            So I got this for a real estate video that was completely arial videography of my clients areas in town. She wanted sunrise and sunset shots.


Again how far can I go? I need to keep I in sight so I don’t go further than 1600’ away and keep within 350’



How did I learn this thing? Lots of practice and youtube videos. Lots of crashing and practice

To see my lastest drone work visit my youtube channel icon.