Developing a Video


What is developing a video?


It’s your idea on your computer, paper, phone, mind, whatever you want. It’s creating a beginning, middle, and end and figuring out the flow of it. Deciding the message.  Deciding your audience, why are they watching it? What are they gaining?


The development stage is where I find out how much this is going to cost.


It’s very thorough, yet will have open holes because preproduction hasn’t started yet.


We create an outline


The outline will indicate theme, message, distribution, and layout for preproduction.


I always stride to do a development meeting with new clients.


Some already have their development and just need a price and others need assistance.


After a price is figured out and deposit made, then we can start on preproduction and location scouting.


What types of videos is this necessary for? All of them. This is a process and can be done in 1 meeting.


Why is this necessary? When an idea is presented to me, this process helps me understand it, in my language, then I can really help you in producing it.

If I just get a question about a price and have no idea what you’re thinking, I can’ t really give an answer.