My Gerber


I never leave home without my Gerber. What is a Gerber? It’s a multitool. Pliars, Knive, scissors, can opener, saw, Philips head, regular tip and I have other attachments too. I started wearing one of these over 20 years ago when I was inventory manager. I had to use. I like to prepared, I find it being a waste of time if I have to search for something has simple as a knife or pliars to get a simple job done.


I also worked with a number of army guys, who pointed me to Gerber and I’ve had several in the past 20 years, but for some reason, anytime I choose to leave it at home, I need it. It look hideous in family photos but hey, it’s part of the family right.


I’m about being prepared, overly prepared. Whenever I start production, it’s very similar to a campout. I can’t be stranded, I have to prepared ,I want it to go seamless, and with my Gerber on, I know that those precious seconds won’t turn into a hunt for a simple pliars, knive, screw driver, etc. If I lend it to you, please return it.