I'm a Starbucks Entrepreneur


My ADD is too high to keep me locked in a room. I need to be in public absorbing the constant changing environment.  However, it’s interesting when I tell people I work at Starbucks…no I don’t but I do. I’m a gold member and get free stuff all the time.


Why Starbucks? I chose Starbucks first because I knew it, and I’m a Pike Place fan. I also chose it because I felt a rush and drive unlike that of other places, it’s weird because I’m weird. Yet I strive to help out local business’s with video production.


I love the People: Over the past 3 years, I’ve noticed several other entrepreneurs and just people doing the same thing. Get out of the office and into a thinking environment.  3 years has made me a regular at various locations throughout Arizona. I’ve also watched them remodel, change employees. I’ve met amazing people, won business with some, and was able to work with some as well.  I’ve also become friends with many regulars. There were first, the 3 old men, Richard, Robert, and I can’t remember the other one. These guys were all in their late 80’s. Richard had an idea to solve the deficit, Robert was a Vietnam vet and love checking out the girls, then he's hit the bar at 4 pm after his smoke. He wanted to buy property in Vietnam, he always fell down some how in Starbucks. Then there was Bob who argued about everything with Richard.  Then I met some other guy who totally was like Danny Devito, and then Brigitte the Aetna lady who looked totally like Barbra Streisand. All great people. Lou was funny, a biker lady in her 60’s who drove a Harley and packed heat. Then there’s the oldman who camped out in the bathroom for ever it seemed and all of his clothes were way too big. The two old guys who came in on Tuesdays to play some board game. Another guy who was a book author. And then the Legalshield lady. The interviews, the divorce lawyers, the tutors with parents waiting. I could go on and on. Those are the distractions that make me productive. I could do a sitcom on this place.  The Rabbi’s and their weekly study.


We’re all either growing our businesses, seeking ideas, exploring different avenues. The distraction helps me focus.


Working from home? Keep those to do’s for after hours, I’m ready to hit the road by 6 am.


If your thinking of doing business and pulling a 8 hour day in this place, keep in mind the following things.


  1. Know the locations that have good power. Some are awesome power and some don’t.
  2. Know the ones that have Google Starbucks wifi This can be down at time, and I use my hotspot.
  3. Know the ones that are big. Big in that, you’re pretty guaranteed to have a spot.


Here’s a list of things that I have with me:

  1. Power strip
  2. Batteries for mouse
  3. Headphones
  4. Extra phone power cords
  5. Computer power cord
  6. Video Camera
  7. Usb cable
  8. Video camera power cord


Insight about Starbucks as an office:

  1. You can leave your stuff on the table to get a drink. If you need to use the  bathroom have someone watch it.
  2. If you’re at a conference table and an office party decides to join and have a meeting. Just stay there. It’s first come first serve. I was only booted once.
  3. Don’t hog the wifi with a webinar, use your hotspot, really annoying.
  4. Don’t pay bills with the wifi, there are hackers everywhere, use your hotspot.
  5. If you don’t know how to connect to the wifi. On Pc, it’s a splash page after you tried to access google. On mac, the page pops up shortly after booting.


I also found this link about starbucks where business’s have come.