Beating the Rush with NAK Productions


So I have this ability to go anywhere and within minutes, there’s a line behind me. I don’t know how I do it, I just can. I was always that guy that just didn’t give up, was there early, left last, or was told to leave.  I get the job done. I don’t mess around, but I have a good time.


With NAK Productions, I like to show my clients how to beat the rush.  How do I do this. I do this by keeping your clients engaged on your video. There are too many distractions in this day and age, so you want your expertise to be engaging and known.


You don’t want your clients waiting for the video to end, you want them sharing it and re-watching it, wanting more.


I also beat the rush with my work. After Production is over, you’ll hear from me the same day and I continue to follow up all the time.  This is because we’re in a day of connecting within seconds, therefore videos are done quickly and effectively.


But where do you start?


If you have an idea but don’t see it on my sight, call me up, I love ideas.


If you have no clue, give me a call anyway and we can talk.


Video Production breaths life into the company online, but it needs to be done with viewers in mind and not the company. This is how I beat the rush.