The Love Hate Relationship between Audio and Video

There’s has been alot of what I call "a love hate relationship" between audio and video forever.


Either I’m listening to a podcast and wonder what these people look like and need a more visual idea to make notes or I’m watching them and can’t see them real well because there wasn’t enough light.


We’ve all seen videos without audio and we’ve all listened to music and seminars while we drive. It’s been going on for decades.


How to Talk on Camera

This is an issue I deal with personally myself and have to coach all my business card video client with


How do you do this?

first of all the camera shaves off 50% of your personality and flattens you by 20%, this means that you have to be extra excited. This is because you're leaving 4 dimensional world and going to 2 dimensional world.

1. the camera has no emotion and no reaction, this is a problem. As human beings with live off of reaction and emotion. Thats how life is. This is why many people don't like cameras.

talking head shooting

In the past decade of shooting talking heads, I've become both puzzled and frustrated by what I see on the web. I look at an interview on the news and the people are not looking at the camera. Then I see someone else addressing the audience but looking off camera. Styles are styles.


I was at a church recently and they made a great habit of introducing the sermon via video but the pastor was looking off camera from two different angles. Yet he was addressing me.


Here are the psychological rules of talking heads on camera.


I was thinking today about what got me into non-profits.


Non-profits to me have always given back to the community in a special way. It's where I find the true heart of people, the true heart of America.


My main non-profit that I support is singleton moms. They support single parents battling cancer. This hit me, because I am a parent and I can't imagine having cancer and then being single. Double wammo.


If you look on my Non-Profit page, you'll see the Singleton mom psa I produced last year.


Why Video?

That's a good question. Here I am typing away and not using a camera. You can't see me, you can't hear me. You also don't know where I'm at. From this blog you are getting to know my personality. However, I could have someone type like this for me. How old do I sound? Oops, I forgot you can't hear me, can you? You might be on the road reading this. Get off your phone and listen to the video? Crap! I'm not on video, because I'm typing. How tall am I? who knows? what color of hair do I have? who knows? because I'm not on camera. I haven't shaved in a while either, but how can you tell?

People are buying you

You are buying me. Yes this is a concept that has been around for ages. It's true.


It doesn't matter what technology you are using, people are still buying you.


Whether I like to admit it or not. You are buying me. You are buying my character, personality and ethics.


Business Card Video

In a day and age of online sales and networking events, how many business cards do I have and how many of them stand out? When you have a video of you and your business card, people can find you online. They can google you. If they can't remember?