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Setting up the shot

We all take photos and videos with our phones these days. Most come out rather well and others need to learn how to frame.



In my 20+ years of video productions, nothing has changes but the quality and technology. How I set up my stuff is all the same. I start with the content of what they are speaking about. 



Story Telling

Something about me, just loves to hear peoples story’s. I have one, you have one.


Whenever I approach someone’s story, I have to get spend some time with them first. I need to develop a sincere relationship so that I’m not drilling them on their life or their business.


This gets us both comfortable and fills me in on what shots to get. Some shots need to be out of focus, some need to be moving, some need to be established.


It’s not scripted, just my art ability.


Voice Over

Voice what?


What is voice over? It should actually be called voice under, because its under the video. In my opinion? The most powerful element to any video. When someone is speaking underneath a video clip, their voice leads the viewer on the journey to relay the message in a much more powerful level.


This is either done in a sound booth or taken from an interview.


You will notice it in an introduction and at the conclusion inviting the viewer to the website, phone number, social media.



So what is Pre-Production? It’s getting ready for production. We don’t just show up and starting shooting without a plan.


Some Projects are small and don’t need as much and some are good size and need a lot of attention.


This is like planning for a campout


My Drones

Whats going on with the drones these days?  What are these things anyway?


Basically a drone is small flying machine that can be flown at full size aircraft level.



I picked up my first drone last summer in order to shoot an arial view of Integrity Tree trimming my cherub tree.


It’s by DJI Phantom 1. It has a gropro attachment but no gimble so when flying along the horizon, my shot is slanted.


So I finally got this thing to fly and quickly release how much practice you need.


Developing a Video

What is developing a video?


It’s your idea on your computer, paper, phone, mind, whatever you want. It’s creating a beginning, middle, and end and figuring out the flow of it. Deciding the message.  Deciding your audience, why are they watching it? What are they gaining?


The development stage is where I find out how much this is going to cost.


It’s very thorough, yet will have open holes because preproduction hasn’t started yet.


We create an outline


My Gerber

I never leave home without my Gerber. What is a Gerber? It’s a multitool. Pliars, Knive, scissors, can opener, saw, Philips head, regular tip and I have other attachments too. I started wearing one of these over 20 years ago when I was inventory manager. I had to use. I like to prepared, I find it being a waste of time if I have to search for something has simple as a knife or pliars to get a simple job done.


I'm a Starbucks Entrepreneur

My ADD is too high to keep me locked in a room. I need to be in public absorbing the constant changing environment.  However, it’s interesting when I tell people I work at Starbucks…no I don’t but I do. I’m a gold member and get free stuff all the time.


Why Starbucks? I chose Starbucks first because I knew it, and I’m a Pike Place fan. I also chose it because I felt a rush and drive unlike that of other places, it’s weird because I’m weird. Yet I strive to help out local business’s with video production.


Beating the Rush with NAK Productions

So I have this ability to go anywhere and within minutes, there’s a line behind me. I don’t know how I do it, I just can. I was always that guy that just didn’t give up, was there early, left last, or was told to leave.  I get the job done. I don’t mess around, but I have a good time.


With NAK Productions, I like to show my clients how to beat the rush.  How do I do this. I do this by keeping your clients engaged on your video. There are too many distractions in this day and age, so you want your expertise to be engaging and known.


From Fall out, to Follow up, and Follow through and the 4 refer ability habits.

I was the worst at following up with people, Usually it was annually. But I never imagined actually letting someone know how a video was going. Who cares? No news is good news, right? They want to see it done regardless of how long it takes. At least that’s what I thought.


I now focus my whole day on follow up.


Whenever I follow up with someone, I get this old school feeing that is not going to work.  That they are annoyed. When really they appreciate the connection.