Our Professional Videography: NAK Productions History

With a strong passion to help people achieve their mission and the love and skill needed for creating powerful videos, NAK Productions was created in 1992 by Nathan A. Kinkel. His passion for promoting people and their organizations through a visual medium has only grown stronger over time. Although NAK Productions is based in Phoenix, Nathan’s work has taken him all over Arizona including Scottsdale and Surprise but, aside from the history, who is the guy behind the scenes at NAK Productions?

The Videographer Behind Nak Productions

Meet the videographer behind the video production, Nathan Andrew Kinkel. From the moment you meet Nathan and share your project idea with him you can see his creative brain at work. Nathan once casually mentioned, “I’m the guy that gets on the roof,” and this gives some great insight into Nak Productions quality! In knowing Nathan it’s clear that this sort of dedication is authentic and just part of the exceptional videography service you will learn to expect from NAK Productions. Not simply a point and shoot video production company, Nathan’s goal is to add value to the sharing of your story through video.

Whether you are looking for a corporate video, something for your non-profit, or a personal event, Nathan will go the extra mile to get the creative shots that express your message. He’ll take your long story and make it short with his creative style. Capturing a moment, evoking an emotion, inspiring motivation or action for an idea, this is the value behind professional video production with NAK Productions.

Meet Nathan Kinkel: Owner & Director of NAK Productions

Nathan Kinkel

Hello, I’m Nathan Kinkel. I live in Phoenix, AZ with my wife and young daughter. Like any true videographer I love TV and have an extensive collection of movies, which is what originally inspired me to produce. I remind her of Michael Scott from “The Office”, but I have Kramer’s hair from Seinfeld. When I was younger I was very much like Adam Goldberg (from “The Goldbergs”) and Kevin (from “The Wonder Years”, but I am just like Clark Grizwald.

I always have a camera on hand, as well as a multi tool. You can find me editing at various Starbucks locations around the Valley. Overall, I love what I do and I would be honored help you achieve success by helping you share your story!

Some fun NAK Trivia Facts:

  • I love Christmas and own a full size leg lamp!
  • My favorite food is Mexican.
  • I have Dumb and Dumber memorized.
  • My favorite movies: Airplane, Goonies, Shawshank Redemption, Office Space, Fletch, Dumb and Dumber and Tommyboy!

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